About the Guild Hall

Guild Hall Brewing Company was founded for a very simple reason. We love craft beer and good food, and we want to share them with as many people as we can. Our home is an 80-year-old historic building that began life as a Rolls-Royce garage, and for many years housed the Jenkintown Antique Guild. Like the historic Brewers' Guilds of England and Western Europe, whose large meeting halls were often central to their communities, our own Guild Hall is a gathering place, welcoming to all.

We keep things simple. We use only natural ingredients in our beer: water, grain, yeast, hops, and sometimes fruits, herbs, and spices. We're committed to sourcing our ingredients, food, and wine locally and sustainably to the greatest possible extent. And we believe that you can never go wrong by being kind.

We can't wait to meet you at our opening on June 19. Cheers!

Owen & Jenny

Owen Hutchins makes the beer. He began homebrewing more than thirty years ago, and went pro in 1997 as the first head brewer at the General Lafayette Inn in Lafayette Hill, PA. He went on to work as head brewer at two other local brewpubs before taking a break from the business. He always wanted to go back, and when his wife proposed that they take a chance at opening their own place, he jumped at the opportunity to get back to working with the big toys — er, tanks.

Jennifer McGuire is the organized one. By day she is a program coordinator at the Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania, where she writes, throws parties, and manages projects for a living. By night she does the same thing at the Guild Hall, and loves every minute of it.